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In The Beginning….

Such a great opening. In three quick words you know exactly where you are. Knowing where you are is highly under emphasized. Over publicized but under emphasized. Thanks to Four Square and Hoot and Whrrl! the location of your cell phone is quickly shared with friends and followers but knowing where you are is a whole different matter.

Are you at the beginning? Can you feel the excitement building as the adventure is about to take off? Do you find yourself somewhere in the middle of your story wondering how you got there and who the strange cast of characters surrounding you are? Has a chapter come to a close with the words “they lived happily ever after”? or has it left loose ends to be addressed in the chapter to follow?

In the past week I wrapped up a very successful year long project bringing women from around the country together for a conference. A definite sense of completion and ending accompany putting the binder full of documents and memories on the shelf. On the other hand I find myself firmly in the middle of my story. As I face yet another birthday coming far to fast and too frequently lately, there is no illusion that there are more years ahead than behind me. I just don’t see 97 candles on my cake one day. But it is also very evident that I’m not done yet. Hence the new blog site and learning yet another piece of technology that I never dreamed of. A quick thank you to those who did dream of it, pursued it and now make it user friendly for countless writers and readers.

A very wise man taught me three key questions: Where are you going? How will you get there? How will you know you are there?

I don’t have an answer to any of the three but I know where I am at the moment.

In the beginning…

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  1. Welcome to WordPress. You chose one of my fave templates. And I’ve already subscribed to your new blog, even though I’m still subscribed to your old blog, which is pretty much the same as your new blog.

    And I’m not so sure you’re at the beginning. Maybe of a new chapter, but something tells me that you are in the middle of more than you know. 🙂

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