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Is Your Name On Your Paper?

So the first full week of 2012 is now history. How did you spend your time? Most of my week was spent at the hospital and I am happy to say the results of our time there couldn’t have been better.

Before releasing my husband the nurse had a stack of papers to go over with him and a couple of prescriptions for us to have filled. After listening to him talk non-stop for several minutes I was able to let him know he had misspelled our last name. When the clerk put the information in the computer in ER early Tuesday morning she had made the mistake. I had brought it up to one person’s attention but they said not to worry about it. Knowing how exacting they are at our pharmacy I knew a prescription that was not a match with our insurance card was not going to be filled. So the nurse had to make changes to the paperwork.

At the end of the day, when you look back over how you spent the precious waking hours are you please to put your name on it? Was the work you did your best? Were you the person you wanted to be today? Or do you look back and wonder “who was that?”

Tomorrow is a blank sheet. How will you fill it? Don’t forget you’re putting your name on it. It’s your Monday and the only January 9th you get this year. If you are very lucky you will make it through.

See you tomorrow?

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