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Tomorrow begins the quick countdown to my 50th birthday. Depending on how you count it either marks the beginning of my year of Jubilee or is the year leading up to my year of Jubilee. Either way it’s my last birthday starting with a 4.

Much of the origins of the year of Jubilee focus on rest and restoration, returning that which was compromised or lost, forgiving debts and letting things go. I like that. Rest and restoration and freedom. So as the year begins, sound the shofar and let the celebration begin!

To life!

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  1. l’chaim! 🙂

    I hope this is truly a year of rest and restoration for you, and that you reach the other side of it a very rich woman!

    1. Thank you dear friend for the blessing. I am already deeply enriched by your company through life’s journey. Truest treasure indeed!

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