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Monday Morning Musing

What is it about Monday morning that seems so abrupt? For most it is the expectation that they will be somewhere specific at a specific time for a specific purpose, generally the same purpose they were eager to end less than 72 hours ago.

I have such a marker. 8:00am out the door. If I miss the first one, which admittedly is a soft target, the second one is much more difficult to hit and it is a hard target marked with an electronic bell at 8:15. This isn’t my personal appointment but one I am responsible for teaching and aiding someone else to value. The rest of my day is a mixture of her markers and mine. I like how our Mondays are shared. I like being there to watch the transitions she makes from home to school to lunch recess to after school activities. I like knowing the rhythm of our days knowing that this tween dance that replaced ring-around-my-Rosie will one day change again as she dances on with out me. One day 8:00am will just be 8:00am and the bell at 8:15 will ring without me standing on the playground with a cup of coffee wondering where the weekend went and how it could be Monday already.

Monday mornings can be so abrupt.

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