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My Fruit Trees

Outside my office window is an apple tree. There is not a single leaf on it. This past summer it produced three apples. This was a 300% increase from the year before.

Next to the apple tree is an orange tree. It is probably a good 6 feet shorter than the apple tree and right now it is struggling. The branches are heavy laden with nice big oranges. The wind is blowing but the oranges are holding fast to the slim stem that is their only source of security from the hard ground below.

On the other side of the apple tree is a cherry tree. It stands more than 10 feet above the apple tree. In the spring it fills with the most beautiful small delicate flowers. In the 6 years we have owned the house with the fruit trees it has yet to produce a single cherry.

I think at different seasons my life is very much like each of these trees. Sometimes all it produces is light beauty, no fruit. Other times the fruit is there but just barely. Then when the wind blows the fruit may be tart but it is heavy as long as it holds fast to the source of life.

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