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Never too late for a personal renaissance

Quick update on all the crazy that is my life.

We bought a 120 year old Queen Anne house in Michigan.

We sold our home in California.

We loaded 3 large PODS, one 16 foot Budget truck, a car hauler, a moving van, a Ford pick up truck and a 25 foot travel trailer. We sent all of them east at various times.

I left my job to oversee the move. My favorite person in the whole wide world has used his company Sabbatical and 3 weeks of vacation to make the move happen. When those are up he will retire from a company he’s been with for 38 years and is trying to decided on a new career path for the 4 years until he officially retires.

We have discovered the very expensive repairs that needed to be done to our 120 year old QA, including but not limited to replacing the water heater, boiler, sump pump, jack hammering up part of the basement and digging a 15 foot deep hole in our yard.

Through it all we have kept our sense of humor and hope for a wonderful new chapter of our story.

Those little windows on the third floor left are my new office from which I will be re-launching Renaissance Wife in the next couple of months.


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