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Power Of Attorney

Some mornings start earlier than others. Mine started with a phone call letting me know my mother half a country away is in the hospital. There is not much I can do except pray and wait. My aunt is there and years ago my mother gave her power of attorney.

This morning I’m wondering who makes decisions for you? We have government representation that is supposed to make decisions based on the “will of the people” but lately don’t seem very responsive to the people.
We have news outlets that feed us a crafted presentation of the information they have gathered and paint with such a wide brush that many facts and positions are covered with whitewash or blurred out entirely.
The internet is overflowing with options and filters that decide for us which pages will match what we’re looking for based on what we’ve looked for before.
Even things that should be our decisions out of our own common sense have been legislated and regulated until there are rules and laws about every aspect of our lives.
So, who has the power to decide? Who holds the life and death decisions for you today? Who chooses for you?
The first one who held the power of attorney for all humanity was Eve. Her choice…Trust God’s heart toward her was good or not. Today we each face that same decision for ourselves.
Today I decide to trust. Today I have the power to choose.

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I know how you are feeling. My parents, though only a few states away, both have Alzheimer’s. My brother is their care taker and as it should be has power of attorney. My parents are not always very happy with the decisions that he makes on their behalf, but in their state of mind, that’s okay. We need to remember that God is our care taker, provider, and He should be the inspiration for the decisions that we make. He should also be our source of power! Great post!!

I like that, Joann. He is the source of our power.

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