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Quiet Night with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

This morning I got out the easel and large pad of white paper I use when I was teaching classes around my dining room table. Across the top I listed the next five days. Under the days I listed things I wanted to get accomplished. Today’s list was the most ambitious. Fourteen items ranging from simple to more complex. It’s eleven o’clock and I have crossed off three.

I got a shower, went to the bank and cleaned the kitchen. I am halfway through organizing the top of my dresser. I mowed one and a half stripes across the front yard before running out of gas. And, while meaning to get to the other items, the day got away from me and they are unfinished.

lens1960483_1313388179bucket_listWhen I realized it was 9 pm and too late for several of my items, I checked to see if there was anything worth watching on t.v. A friend had mentioned watching “The Bucket List” without a box of kleenex this week. I had never watched it at all. It was just beginning. Using the commercial breaks to keep working on my dresser re-org, I found myself passing my to do list each time I went back to watch the movie.

As I wished I had a box of kleenex, I began thinking about my own bucket list and realized nothing on my to do list would be on it and nothing on my to do list was worthy of my bucket list.

When I post this, I will be able to go back to my to do list and cross of “blog”. But not before adding “Make a Bucket List” to my list of things to do tomorrow.


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