Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Season 3 Episode 1

SettingIMG_6192: Gilroy High School football field

Time: Early evening on a warm October Saturday

Off screen: The cadence of a single drum

As the scene opens 112 12 foot white pipes are visible moving toward the far end of the end zone. Coming through the gate it becomes clear they are in groups of 8 mounted to long black wooden bases. These bases are being pushed and pulled by young men and women in black uniforms. The distinct shape of their shakos and white plumes signal the arrival of the marching band.

Hesitating after forming ranks behind the white line they wait for the signal.

As the music director steps across the line the clock starts ticking and the thousands of man hours, thousands of dollars, and more importantly the hearts invested in this moment are about to pay off.

The marching band season has begun…


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