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Sunday Shower

By far the best place for me to do my thinking is in the shower. That being said here’s what I got this morning.

I’ve been going over the incredible odds of all the things that came together on May 2, 2009. The connections and details have become so complex and intricate that The Matrix looks like a dot-to-dot that only goes to 10.

As I was thinking about my pending trip to DCW I was kicking myself for not being as prepared as I wanted to be. I can’t think of a time in my life when I was a prepared as I wanted to be but that’s a subject for another day. I have my speech written and edited. (Probably going to be up at midnight with that.) My suitcase was pretty much packed yesterday. (Re-packing after I post this.) My nails that I polished yesterday while thinking things through so I wouldn’t be redoing it all today have been peeled clean of polish. (I’m off to have them done at a little nail salon near my home so the polish isn’t as peel-able.)

All this brought me to this morning and my issues with setting boundaries and focus. I guess the shower has become my starting gate. At the beginning of each race all of the power of the horse is brought into focus waiting for the bell. All the early morning training, all the money the owner invested, all the late nights the stable boy kept watch, all the years the jockey learned to read a horse, all comes down to a short burst of power and speed.

Now I’m not ready to make a run for the roses but I do think I’m finding my stride and maybe my gate.

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I peel my off nail polish too, especially when I’ve got a lot on my mind. Because of this, I usually just do my toes…they stay painted…lol

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