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There Is None So Blind…

Have we become a nation so bombarded by sound and noise and advice and information that we have stopped listening in self defense?

I have learned to enjoy watching football the past couple of years from going to high school games to hear the pep band. Football on tv is harder for me to watch. At a live game there are people commenting on the play or the players or the coach or any number of things. But then they take a breath or a bite of hot dog or something and for a few minutes they don’t talk. On tv the commentators seem compelled to fill every nanosecond with the sound of their own voice. Having just watched several games of the World Series I feel for the guys in the broadcast booth. Baseball moves so much slower than football and that tension to fill the lulls must be agonizing at times.

eye chartWith all the advances in technology and communication, education and entertainment, I believe as a society we have actually become less evolved. We no longer know the phone numbers of those we love. We have them programmed in our phones. We don’t call. We text or email. Dinner around the home table is more the occasion than the norm. Cartoons have their own channel and are on 24 hours a day instead of just Saturday morning. If AM and FM were not enough choices for audio entertainment in the car now they come with surround sound Dolby theaters built in so your children won’t be tempted to look out the window at any point in the 5 minute drive to school let alone the possibility of an hour drive anywhere.

This morning there were a dozen or so near misses between cars and bikes and students all trying to navigate a one block section of 6 lane surface street. Each seemed focused on where they were going or what they were doing and surprised when someone suddenly appeared in their way or their mirror or their face. One student walking forward ran into the bus stop pole while looking backward to yell at someone crossing the street.

All this to say, I think we have lost our senses. Our listening skills, our power of observation, our mental acuity and in loosing those I think we may be loosing our humanity. Voices become noise, people become obstacles,  and getting there becomes more important than the journey.


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