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What if the Hippo won’t wear the beach thong?

Perspective is a very tricky thing. It is not possible for any two people to see anything exactly a like. Their journey and personality and preferences just make it impossible to match up exactly. Ask any two witnesses what they saw and the things they remember are different. One can tell you the color, make, model and year of the car. The other will be vague on the vehicle but can describe the tatoo on the right forearm of the passenger in the back seat because it was hanging out the window with a cigarette half smoked.

There is an old Indian proverb about walking a mile in another’s moccasins. But if you ever try walking in anyone else’s shoes your feet will quickly let you know that the shoes have conformed to the owner’s foot and your foot will not change that. But it may show you why your friend or foe walks the way they do.


Just something to consider as you walk through the day in your own shoes. Snarf!

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  1. Candy

    That was hilarious! And I have to say, I saw myself acting out in that cartoon, when I’ve not REALLY walked a mile in their shoes before opening my big mouth and blabbering something not even close to being on the same page. (Excuse me while I pick the thong out of you know where.) :/

    1. So glad you like it. Some times perspective makes all the difference.

  2. matt

    I loved Pinky and the Brain. So funny to watch with our little girl knowing that we were both laughing at the same time for totally different reasons.

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