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What’s Your Leg-acy?

In an environment where a generation is defined as four years it is easy to lose tradition and continuity.

This morning I saw this photo. I know there is a story behind it, a tradition, a leg-acy if you will. But unless the story is passed down all meaning, all context, all continuity is lost. A doll leg in a bottle may seem like a silly thing to value but it points to the bigger issues.

I cannot begin to say it better than President Ronald Reagan did.



If it matters to you, have you passed it on? Will your values and beliefs and history and tradition be gone when you are? Do your children and your grandchildren know your story and their history? If you don’t tell them, who will?

What’s your legacy? Is it freedom? Is it worth defending? Is it worth preserving?

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  1. Cordy Lee

    Amen, Lana, you said it and so did Ronnie. He was a great president and Governor of California. I worked under him in welfare and will always be proud of that experience.

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