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Who made you think?

Everyday people say some of the most inane mindless things because they don’t take the time to think. They repeat what they heard or whip out a tired old cliché if they are presented with a question. But how many times do they really stop to think before answering?

If someone says “Hi, how are you?” do you tell them? or do you just complete the standard social interaction with “I’m fine. How are you?” and then move on?  (For all you grammarians out there, I apologize for the mishmash that was the last thought thread. I’m not sure I could diagram it if I tried but it could be fun.)

What was the last question someone asked you where you answered, “Hmmm….I’ll have to think about that” instead of just answering them? Have you thought about it? Did you ever get back to them with your answer?

I ask a lot of questions. That makes a lot of people uneasy. Mostly because I don’t ask easy questions. Some people take offense at my questions. They think I am challenging their authority or the validity of their decision. Usually, I just didn’t understand their answer or instruction and need clarification. The follow up questions can quickly reveal that they don’t understand their own answer or instructions either.

Many of my questions are rhetorical but the ones I specialize in are the ones that I am not even seeking answers to. They are the questions I ask to encourage people to think. They are the questions that may or may not ultimately have answers. But if the question gets someone to stop for a moment and actually think they have more than achieved their purpose.

After all, aren’t we all searching for purpose?


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