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After You

Dear Child,


unless you let

ME go


Love, God


These words are on a large plaque next to my desk. When I turn my chair to get up I face them each time. I placed the reminder there a couple of years ago. Most days I don’t give it a second thought or glance. You know how it is when something just becomes so familiar you don’t notice it. But the past two weeks, while my site has been silent God has been speaking to my heart. I’ve been trying to “figure out” what He wants me to do next. Which direction am I supposed to go?

My list of people I want to work with started because of a challenge in a book. But I think the challenge actually began even before that. I have been seeing God at work in and through the people on my list for a while. That’s why they are on the list. There is something in what they are doing that calls me out of my comfortable daily life and tells me adventure is out there.

So today I start with the One person I want to work with the most. God. I don’t have to set the direction, just follow the one He’s established. I don’t have to set the pace. He know’s my legs are not as long as His. I don’t have to beat down doors He’s already passed through. I don’t have to “make anything happen”. In Him it is already finished.

Time to get up out of my chair and FOLLOW.

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