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Are You A Good Receiver?

The old adage “It’s better to give than receive” could just as easily read “It’s easier to give than receive” when it comes to five things.

Compliments – Is your first response to deny or down play the compliment? How difficult is it for you to simply say “thank you” and mean it?

Posing for photos – Are you the first to offer to take the group photo to avoid actually being in it? When someone picks up a camera to you move toward them or away?

Gifts – How gracious are you at receiving gifts of appreciation or celebration or just because someone thought of you? Do you feel like you have to be worthy for someone to give you a gift?

Advice – When someone offers you insight into a situation you are facing are you open to hearing them?

Help – Asking for help is challenging enough. How open are you to someone offering help?

Each time you down play a compliment you are telling the person offering it that their perspective is wrong or that you don’t agree with their observation. It is a gift from the heart. Receive it as such.

You may not be happy with your appearance but a photo doesn’t change how everyone sees it. It just makes a record of you being present at that moment in time. For those who love you that’s what matters. When the moment has passed that photo may be exactly what their heart needs.

Chosen with you in mind, a gift is a physical expression of someone else thinking of you. Always be gracious.

Your situation has been noticed by someone who wants it to be better. They may be lacking in information or wisdom but they did notice and they did speak up.

And if you need help…

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