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bittersweetMy home is where I keep my stuff but it’s also where I keep my heart. My favorite person in the whole wide world shares the space with me and at the end of the hall my favorite teen has a room she makes her own.

This morning both are away. He is nearing the end of a week-long business trip and she is at high school with all the challenges that entails.

As I was moving around our home, my eyes fell on items not of my choosing but from the hearts of others. It started when reaching for a simple coffee mug. It was a birthday gift from a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. Then reaching for a spatula, another gift from a friend I haven’t seen in 6 years at least. Picking up a prayer shawl from a friend I’ve never seen.  Settling on the couch with a book recommended by a friend I keep thinking of visiting but haven’t set a date. Looking up and seeing a painting on the wall done by my mother. Realizing the ear rings I chose this morning were the gift of creativity from a dear heart.

I may be home alone with just a couple of big dogs today but my home suddenly seemed very full and very empty all at the same time.

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