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Three years ago we got puppies. One male and one female. They are 3/4 Labrador and 1/4 Border Collie. Hence the name Boradors. If you know anything about dog breeds you recognize some strong characteristics in both these breeds. Labs are relational, energetic and playful. Border Collies are smart, herding dogs. Combine the two and you have large dogs that are directly in your path no matter where you are walking.

IMG_7836Mickey and Minnie remind me of so many lessons I have learned and teach me many more. Because we got them when they were so young they are very bonded to our family. If I get up to move around the house they are right with me. The only way they stop following me around is if I ask them if they want their nap. Their response is to go straight to their kennels and wait for me to follow them to close the door. Then they will sleep for hours undisturbed by my movement.

Being litter mates you would think they would have similar personalities but they don’t . Mickey is more laid back and easy going. He guards the back yard and lets me know if bluejays or squirrels are roaming too close to my garden. He does not like the neighbor’s grandchildren screeching and will bark because they hurt his ears with the shrill sound. Mickey will lay in your lap if you sit on the couch to watch tv. He loves to snuggle.

Minnie is much more skittish. She guards the front of the house. A neighbor can close a car door across the street and Minnie is at her post by the front window watching to see if that signals someone approaching our front door. She announces the mailman, the UPS delivery truck and the water delivery man. She does not bother to notify me about the garbage or recycle truck. I guess they are loud enough she figures I can hear them myself.  She will not snuggle. She will stand in front of me with her chin resting on my knee and look up with her big brown eyes waiting for her head to be petted.

They seem so comfortable being just who they are. They live in the moment. Sleep when they are tired. Love being with their family. Don’t worry even when they hear things that they don’t understand. They are protective and friendly. They trust us to provide for them and want to be where we are.

I wonder if dogs are man’s best friend because we see our hearts in theirs. Loyalty, companionship, protection, play, and trust. Aren’t these the same things God wants from the relationship with us? But like my Boradors, how often do I try to herd God? How often am I in front of Him trying to lead Him where I think He needs to go without understanding His purpose or direction? How often do I have to be still so He can do what He knows needs to be done?  How loyal am I? How trusting? How devoted to just being where He is?

There’s an old observation that dog spelled backward is God. How wonderful is it that we are called a friend of God and dog is man’s best friend?

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