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Could Have Been

George-Eliot-It-is-never-too-late-to-be-what-you-might-have-beenOur relationship could have been better.
We could have been close.
We could have years of happy memories to look back on.
Our homes could have been more inviting.
We could have shared simple meals at the table.
We could have asked friends to come play cards.
Our careers could have been bigger.
We could have paid more attention in school.
We could have built our reputations and connections.

Our relationship can be better.
Our homes can be filled with friends.
Our careers can have significance.

But to have something different we have to make deliberate choices to take different actions.
If you don’t choose different, all you will have is exactly what you have right this moment.
Is it enough?
Are you content?
Or can you do better?



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