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Did You Miss Me?

Yesterday I was fortunate to have a great friend post his story and the question of the day. He was filling in for me because my life was being  disrupted.

Tuesday morning my husband woke me up just before 5 am and said he needed my help. Turns out my help was just the start of all the help he would need over the past two days. He was having a mild cardio infarction. After an angiogram and inserting a stint in one of the major arteries to his heart he is much better and home tonight snoring on the couch.

It’s probably not surprising the vast number of questions that have been running through my head the past two and a half days as we waited for test results and waited for doctors to translate test results and then waited for the actions generated by the test results to kick in before testing again so we could wait and see if it worked.

I have to say for all the negatives there may be about it, Facebook was a lifeline for me. In just a matter of moments I was able to notify some of the best prayer warriors and amazing support system. Keeping everyone updated and the flood of encouragement flowed back and forth faster than ever possible before. While I may not have been home doing whatever it is I do, I was still connected to those who love me and travel this part of my journey with me.

On the oven door of our travel trailer there is a magnet that says “I can’t miss you if you never go away.” Over the past two and a half days I realized just how incredible it is to have people who don’t go away when you walk through a valley.

In case of emergency, please call. Or have someone call. Or post it on Facebook.

Who would you miss if they went away? Who would miss you? Would you miss me?

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  1. Matt Vaughan

    To the many Prayer Warriors who responded to the call, I bow before you in deepest gratitude. And my new and refreshed heart also thanks you. And as I walked in the door and held my 13rd old daughter, I know she also thanks you.

    I’ve been given a free pass on life for something I didn’t deserve. A lot of horrible things should have happened Tuesday, but none of them did. No detectable damage to my heart or Artery so I’m almost good as new. May the Load bless you for standing in the gap for me. Forever grateful, Matt.

  2. Linda

    More than you’ll ever know.

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