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Following the leader

For the past few years I have been in search of a leader. You know, the kind with integrity, vision, character and interest in developing others. So far I’m coming up blank. Don’t get me wrong there are hundreds if not thousands of books on building your dream life, improving your health, controlling your finances, creating your personal brand and having a richer life in all aspects. I’ve read more than I would like to admit to and followed the advice of, well to be honest, none really. So in lieu of a real life person in my life right now I’ve decided to pick some of the many books on my current reading list and see what happens if I really do what they say the way they say to do it. Kind of like the Julie/Julia project but with more subjects than just cooking. In an effort to be a well rounded person I’m looking at the following areas: Finance
Personal career building
Spiritual discipline
Relationship development

So as I clean up my office tonight I will be selecting books for each area and reporting back on my assignments and progress.

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  1. Your Sister

    Sometimes when people like you are looking for a leader to follow, they don’t find one because they are the leader that others are looking for…..

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