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Gate Keeper Failure

Lisbon, PT

Lisbon, PT

Harvey McKay says he always hires two positions at his company personally, the CEO and the Receptionist.

Recently I changed dentists because of his front office staff. This is not a new tactic for me. I have changed doctors, coffee shops, internet, cable and phone companies, plumbers, grocery stores and churches because of the front line of contact.

I no longer need an agent or publishing house to publish a book.

I no longer need a broker to buy stock.

I no longer need a librarian to help me find information.

I no longer need to wait for a  disc jockey to play a song I want to hear when his station manager decides it should be in rotation.

I no longer need a “guy” to get reservations or tickets or deals even in cities or countries I’ve never visited before.

I no longer need to adjust my schedule to see the news or a favorite program or movie broadcast by a programming manager.

All these gate keepers have been obstacles in the past but they are part of the past.


I have walked away from offering my volunteer hours to good causes because of gatekeepers.

Take a good look at the people around you. Are they gracious, welcoming, encouraging and inclusive? Or are they territorial, insecure, and stingy with access?


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