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Holding On…Holding On….

frozen____let_it_go___wordcloud_by_pando39-d73zlmvUnless you live under a rock, and even if you do, you have probably heard this year’s theme song enough to get the subliminal messages.

Let it go…

But what effect has it had on you?
Do you find yourself spinning around on a snow cover mountain side looking at people in the valley below who fear you?
What have you let go?
Are you standing strong in the midst of a storm feeling more yourself and more alive than ever before?
Is it your fear of being who you truly are?
Is that what you let go?

And what is still in your grasp?
What’s worth holding on?

So many things and people slip through our lives and fingers already.
Knowing what to let go and what to hold is about as personal a decision as you can make.

The end of the year is packed with expectations and traditions and habits all with the potential to be good or not.
All with the option renewed each year to hold on or let it go.
Every time you choose to do what you’ve done before you choose to hold on, good or bad you hold on.
But when you decided to let it go, good or bad you let go.

Somethings are not in our control, loved ones who last year were part of our celebrations may only be held in our hearts and memories this year.
Houses decorated last year may be homes to different folks this year.
Parties and concerts and the paper hats of elementary school years may have given way to the awkwardness of middle school or be even more distant as high school graduation is closer than kindergarten.

Let it go….holding on….

Cookies and cakes and candy made in years gone by may seem like too much work now that the family is scattered and you’re making it alone to package and mail.
Christmas cards may be replaced with electronic greetings and who remembers the last time they went caroling?

Let it go….holding on…

Many of the images Americans hold of what Christmas “should” look like came from Currier & Ives or Norman Rockwell or Hallmark.
Now Martha Stewart and Oprah and Pinterest offer images and instructions and lists to make the season bright.

Let it go….holding on….

Debates on the “meaning of Christmas” and arguments on what to do and how to do and what to say or not say become heated or avoided.

Let it go…holding on….

The things and people we hold on to have meaning to us. Good or bad, happy or sad, loved or hated, they have the meaning we assigned and keep assigning.
Maybe it’s time to make a list of things and people we really choose to hold on to.
And be more deliberate in holding on.

The things and people we let go…well, we have stopped giving them meaning. They have lost their power, their hold, their significance.
Maybe it’s time to make a list of things and people we really choose to let go…
And me more active in letting go.

What I hold, whether you value it or not, is what matters to me.
What you hold, whether I value it or not, is what matters to you.

The magic comes when we share the same things and release the same things.

For a moment our hearts unite and that is worth holding on.


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