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I’d Give Up Onions For You

Potatoes and onions for frittataWith every goal or pursuit there is much to be gained but always at a cost. Great chefs work nights and weekends. The dinner service is the high point of their day. Great doctors endure the years of late night studying only to be followed by the double and sometimes triple shifts of an intern. Saving lives or improving the quality of those lives is a noble pursuit. Musicians spend countless hours practicing, practicing, practicing to find just the right sound and make it seem effortless and natural. While Carnegie Hall is probably not the destination of most the path is still the same. In each journey something is put down so something of greater worth can be picked up. Hours exchanged for knowledge.

One of my favorite things to do is speak at retreats and conferences. It’s also one of the hardest challenges I face. Not because I have a fear of public speaking. That really never bothers me at all. What challenges me is being face to face with all those people. I am by nature an introvert. I can spend days alone in silence and be happy. I can also eat my favorite breakfast…fried potato with grilled onions. I vary the additives. Sometimes an egg and basil join the mix. Other times a little sausage and paprika. But the foundation is still heavy on onion.

Can’t really do that if I’m going to speak to you. I would hate for the onions to come between us. The idea of you being offended by the breath that carries my words sends me to the bagel and yogurt with joy. Just not onion bagels!

What are you pursuing?

What are you putting down?

What are you picking up?

What would you give up for someone else?


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