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Life Before Facebook

vintage-social-networking-685x548I grew up with rotary phones and phone books.

I grew up with VHS and answering machines.

I grew up with a library card and a bicycle.

I grew up talking to friends and writing letters.

I grew up in a slower time.

I am grateful.

Last week I cleared out my personal Facebook account.

I vaguely remember life before Facebook.

A time when people called each other and shared their lives in person.

A time when time together was treasured and important because you didn’t know when you would see each other again.

A time when people sat around each other’s dinner tables, talking and laughing until someone realized how late it was and that they had to get up in the morning.

I miss those times.

I have a big dinning room table. I miss seeing friends around it.

We as a society have gotten so busy we have lost each other.

We have the illusion of connection but not the substance.

I want substance.

I want real.

I want phone calls and letters and lunches with girlfriends and dinners with people who make time to come sit at my table.

How do you build real relationships? Are you satisfied with the quality of your relationships? Do you need to cut back on the media and be more social?

Let’s have lunch this week.

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