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Missing One Ingredient

IngredientsYou’ve been there before. Standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry shelves, trying to decide what to make for dinner or just looking for that something that will tide you over until your next meal. Running your eyes over the possibilities each time you come up one ingredient short.

You could have cereal but you’re out of milk.
You could make a cake but you’re out of eggs.
You could make a sandwich but you’re out of mayo.

Maybe it’s not your frig but your art. A missing supply, the right paper or pens, the right tool or paint.
Maybe it the vehicle in your drive way that you have torn apart only to discover you need that one more part from the auto supply store. 

Whatever is missing means the whole thing either doesn’t happen or has to wait until the trip to the store is made, the price for the missing ingredient is paid and the process picks up where it left off. Without the missing ingredient there is delay or, worse, there is nothing.

But maybe, just maybe, the missing ingredient is you.
Maybe the phone call or card in the mail,
Maybe the encouraging words or the time to listen attentively,
Maybe the power of doing what you said you were going to do,
Maybe the one thing missing is you.

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