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I have been looking for a women’s ministry group to join for the past couple of years. Mostly I go online, check out a church’s website and with a deep sigh leave the computer to rotate the laundry or let the dogs out.

freeway-15x27x23This morning I cleared out a dozen or so emails, all from writers or programs or bloggers I have subscribed to at some point. Several of them were promotional in nature. A new webinar or an 8 week program to do whatever it is they are doing. One looked interesting but when I clicked on the link I couldn’t find pertinent information on how to sign up or when it starts. There was no on ramp. Time to let the dogs back in.

My frustration with both is very similar. There’s just no clearly marked on ramp. Women’s groups that have out of date or no calendar information, just an email address for a stranger, are not inviting. Programs that take the summer off or only offer book studies with clear start stop dates seldom match up to my moments of interest in participation. Online programs with no clear path to participation are not encouraging visitors to engage or sign up for the product no matter how timely the email marketing.

There is a reason they put big green signs on the side of the freeway letting drivers know how far to the next exit. There’s a reason they put signs indicating which on ramp to take if you want to go North or South or East or West. Just jumping on or off a ramp may not get you where you want to go. It may take you a long way the opposite direction.

Are you accessible? Are you flexible? Are you approachable? Are there clearly marked on ramps for someone interested in traveling with you for a while?





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