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Read It Again, Sam

One of the most quoted lines from Casablanca isn’t actually in the movie.  Rick never said “Play it again, Sam.” Watch the movie. Listen closely.

Does the one word make a difference? It does.

I confess I have a bad habit of reading too fast. Not that I’m a speed reader but that I am not a careful reader. When I think I know what it’s going to say I tend to blur over the actual words. Meanings can get lost. A simple omission of a letter can change the whole sentence.

Today I started re-reading a book. I know I’ve read it before. It has my pink highlights and a few notes in the margins. But today I was reading it with fresh eyes. Instead of rushing through I was sinking in. Instead of wanting to get to the next chapter I found myself wanting to re-read the chapter I had already read again. Not because I missed what it said but because I was beginning to understand what it meant.

Read it. Know what it says. Understand what it means.


What do you rush through? What do you think you know but maybe misquoting? Is it possible they didn’t say what you thought they did?


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