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Third Time Not Charming

bistro-tupazI have tried a local restaurant 3 times now.
Each time I went in hopeful.
Each time I left with a less than satisfied experience.

The first time I went in was on Good Friday 2 years ago. The special listed on the chalk board out front was fish and chips. I ordered the special, took a seat to wait and waited and waited and waited. 45 minutes later a plate with soggy potatoes and under cooked fish was put in front of me. I left without being able to eat it.

The second time I went in was last fall. I don’t remember the exact date but the menu offered pumpkin cream soup. The cream part was accurate but there was no flavor of pumpkin or any spices. It was bland and thin.

I wrote a Yelp review. The owner of the restaurant basically called me a liar, saying what I experienced wasn’t possible in his place.

Today I went in and asked to order something off the menu I was seeing other customers enjoying. I was told I couldn’t order it. It’s just for certain customers. I left.

I know other’s have had very good experiences in this particular bistro.
I have not. Not one.

How many times do you try before you just give up on a business?

How many times do you reach out before you give up on a person?

How much is a customer worth to your business?

How much is a person worth to your business?

(How frustrated do you think I must be to write a post like this after such a long silence?)

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