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5 Cities that Ruled the World

5 Cities That Ruled The World by Douglas Wilson
“The gripping and illuminative story of how five cities—Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York—shaped the course of global history.
History unfolds in a wide tapestry, but some patterns and threads stand out from the others for their brilliance and importance in the bigger picture. Five Cities that Ruled the World examines how and why a handful of cities—Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and New York—emerged in their respective times of influence to dominate the world stage, directing wealth and power, influencing faith and belief, commanding fear and allegiance, provoking wars and conquests, and shaping the world we live in today. Profiling their leaders, exploring their philosophies, following their armies into war, riding their merchant ships to ports of commerce, and watching as one eclipses the others, Douglas Wilson broadens our understanding and appreciation of these cities with piercing insights, curious details, and entertaining stories.” Book Sneeze
I chose to review this book from Thomas Nelson because I have traveled to 3 of the 5 cities and wanted to see how the history and impact of these cities was expanded in a historical and spiritual treatment. I enjoyed the first four cities but found my interest wasn’t held by the fifth long enough for me to finish the book within the first two months of starting it. I have only recently picked up where I left off and had to push myself to pay attention and plow through to the end. Based on the premise that each city ruled for approximately 250 years the first four cities era of dominance has wrapped up. New York still being a work in progress the final section didn’t have the same sense of closure and conclusion.
I’m glad I read 5 Cities but not high on my list of books to recommend. It’s a nice read and I enjoyed the perspective of Wilson. I would have liked to see a chapter on where the center of world power is moving next as New York’s time draws to an end. Maybe the next book….

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