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A Place and A Time

Sitting at Starbucks there is so much material to write about it’s hard to know where to begin. The cast of characters is rich and diverse. The conversations floating in the air are kept at a level that the challenge isn’t to hear them but to shut them out long enough to form your own thoughts. Without leaving my seat I can tune into a Bible study, a grief therapy session, a website design consultation and a pre-school playdate. A little extra effort is required to hone in on the retired couple in the corner or the four cell phone calls going on.

It never ceases to amaze me the personal conversations that people hold in public places. I can’t help but wonder if the pre-schoolers wouldn’t be happier at the park. I can’t help wondering if the Bible study group is talking so loudly to be able to hear each other or to make sure other’s hear them. The grief group has moved out to the parking lot still comparing processing notes on the passing of parents.

There is a common thread that ties them all together. For what ever reason they all decided that this was the place to be this morning. They met other people here to talk and drink various beverages. They aren’t focused on the others around them and for the most part are pretty oblivious to the impact they might be having on each other.

With the departure of the grief group other conversations are easier to make out. The pre-schoolers are spreading out and new customers are trying to backfill the void. It’s fascinating.

And here I sit at the table in the corner watching but not impacting, part of it all but not. For this time at this place our lives have intersected. Have I impacted them? Not really. Have they impacted me? A little. They have made me more aware of what’s around me today.

Thank you people of Starbucks. You have been so totally yourselves today that I am reminded it’s ok to be myself, too.

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