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“Who Cares?” Factor

There are three questions that have become such an ingrained part of my decision and evaluation process that I don’t even think about them as I run through them.

1) What does it say?

2) What does it mean?

3) What do I do about it?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Precepts International or Kay Arthur, these are foundational in inductive study. As I develop my site and my goals for the posts I keep these questions in the back of my mind for my readers as well. When you are done reading what I’ve written does it actually say anything? Is it just my little blurb about the randomness of my own life or does it have anything to do with you? And just what does it all mean anyway? There are literally millions of blogs out there offering free insight or promoting materials that will “change your life”. So why read this one? Then at the end of it all is there anything for you to do about it? A “Call To Action”, a something you feel compelled to add to your day or your reading list or your ever expanding “to do” column. After you’re done reading is the fourth question “Who cares?” I sincerely hope not.

On Wednesdays my goal is to bring you something that answers all three questions and makes you want to answer the fourth question with “I do! I Care!”

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  1. Linda Robers

    Thank you for letting me know how to get to the comment section.
    And I follow you because I have a knowledge of you already. We have not met face to face but we met on Ransomed Hearts and we have even spoken once on the phone. So, I have a vested interest.

    As for today’s blog. Yep, I have a X saying “you are here” and I have to figure out where I go next. Newly divorced (one week single) and unemployed, not really happy with my place in the current church but feeling like there is too much upheaval at this moment to make a move…so I know it is all about hearing from God and what to do next. Priority wise I need to find work…I only have %500 left. Not that God has not provided because He has…but I feel the last thing He told me was get the bankruptcy and the divorce….then the job. So, I believe it is time to find work.

    So, I appreciate the questions and am going to begin incorporating them in what I am doing.

    Thank you again for letting me know about how to find the comments section.


    1. You are welcome, Linda. Funny how you and I are both starting a new chapter at the same time. God’s timing is always perfect and often obvious. Let me know what I can do to help.

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