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3 Things to change today

When was the last time you changed your batteries? I mean other than something being totally dead. For months I have walked past our indoor/outdoor thermometer and thought it was broken. This morning I decided to replace the batteries. Low and behold! It works! But this makes me wonder if my carbon monoxide detector and smoke detectors need fresh batteries, too. When was the last time you changed your batteries?

When was the last time you changed your routine? You know, the familiar way you start your morning or end your day. The route you take to and from the same places you’ve always gone. It’s called a routine because you do it the same way over and over. Honestly, can you say what you do the way you do it works for you or is there room for creative improvement?

When was the last time you changed your opinion? I mean really changed your opinion not just changing your mind. We all know how easy it can be to change your mind. “I changed my mind, I’ll have the fish instead of the chicken.” “I’ve changed my mind, I really don’t want to go to that party.” “I’ve changed my mind….” But to change your opinion, well that’s a very different story. That requires admitting on some level that your opinion might not really be as “right” or as accurate as you thought it was. Your evaluation of a person or a situation might have been lacking in information or insight or (gasp) compassion. You might have to make some public statements indicating your opinion has changed, which could open you up to questions and the very real possibility that other people’s opinions could change, too.

You can’t smell carbon monoxide in your home but it can kill you.

You may be comfortable with your routine but if you’re not growing and changing you are dying.

You may have held your opinion for a long time but if you are not willing to reconsider it you may already be dead.

What are you going to change today?


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