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Are you ignorant?

Ignorantia juris non excusat

When it comes to legal matters, ignorance is not a viable excuse for breaking the law. With over 180,000 pages of Federal law knowing everyone is not possible. But there are a lot of things that you can know. Things that can save a life or make the one you have run just a little smoother.

If you have a driver’s license you should know how to change your own tire, how to check the engine fluids and air pressure in your tires, and how to use jumper cables. If you do not know these four basic maintenance skills, park your car, call someone who does know and get them to teach you. Driving with low pressure or fluids can be a hazard not only to you but to me. Not knowing how to change your tire leaves you vulnerable and “helpless” on the side of a road somewhere.  Same thing with jumper cables. Keep them in your trunk next to the car jack and know how to use both.

Budget. Oh, how different our country would be if public servants knew what this word means and operated accordingly. If you don’t have a budget you are well on your way to debt and financial instability. There are hundreds of FREE sites that will teach you how to create one. After you set one up, teach your kids how to do it. Your grandkids will thank you.

If you have a computer, and I guessing you do if you are reading this. Learn how to back up and protect your information. If you need help, again, there are hundreds of websites that can give you step by step instructions. Not backing up and protecting your information is naive and just plain foolish.

Vote. I know you are being bombarded with political stuff right now. It may be annoying and seem overwhelming but if you don’t spend the time really educating yourself on the issues and the candidates you have no one to blame but yourself for the outcome of the elections. Don’t understand a proposition? Read it. Don’t just watch the t.v. commercials and decided which one annoys you the least. That’s not how to make an educated decision. Decided on a candidate you want to vote for? Great. If I ask you why you chose that person can you explain it other than “He’s not the other guy”?

Our country is facing some tough challenges. Everyone I know is dealing with their own stuff and wondering how it’s going to get better. Not knowing is no longer an excuse. What can you do today to be just a little bit smarter than you were yesterday?



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  1. Cordy Lee

    Our country is headed for oblivion If Obummamer Is elected again. He was put in office for that specific purpose and should have been impeached as soon as we knew he was disqualified.

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