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ich kann es baldThis week I took a few more steps toward my own dream becoming reality.

I signed up for an online course. I know, there are so many and choosing can be difficult. This one made it easy. The webinar had so much compelling content that closing the sale was a no-brainer. I am getting so much out of just the first lesson and it’s paced so I have time to act on all the ideas I had pouring out of my mind onto the screen.

The second was updating my website. I know that doesn’t make much difference to my readers but it is a huge difference for me. The best way I can describe it is like painting a room in your home. The neighbors don’t really care but if you are taking good care of your property it benefits them in the long run because you are a better neighbor.

The third thing I did was add a few new affiliates to my site. On the right you will find a link to Michael Hyatt, Scrivener and Amazon. All three of these links are products I use and if you purchase any of them I get a small commission.

Michael has been influential in my journey through his website for about 4 years.   You don’t have to be a writer to learn from the many lessons he offers.

Scrivener is a tool for writers from beginners to advanced. The layout and organization features make writing the focus instead of software. It is one of the most reasonably priced tools any author could invest in. Powerful, customizable and maintenance free, I highly recommend it.

Amazon is where I get my books. Hardbound, paper and digital formats are all available but not all material is available in all forms. As I add new selections to my personal reading list, I will be rotating them in this area.

Setting all this up took me most of my available work time yesterday. Wednesdays being my least hectic, I was able to dedicate about 4 hours to the whole process. Having 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon to work through the lesson and plan out my changes allowed me to jump right in and get things done.

Maybe you don’t have 6 hours to dedicate to your dream but you do have 5 minutes. You can keep a pen and pad or electronic handy to jot down notes and inspiration throughout the day. You can take the time to close a door, even if it’s just the bathroom door, and consider what steps you can take toward making your dream a reality.

If you are ready, drop me an email. I’d love to help you get started.

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