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late is rudeI know I show up early most of the time.
I know not everyone has my same sense of decorum when it comes to punctuality.
I know things happen at the last minute or don’t happen at the last minute that cause unexpected delays.
I get all that.

What I do not understand is people who habitually run late.
I also do not understand people who have no clue where they are going or how to get there or how long it takes to get there.

Today a contracting company wasted 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.
I wouldn’t have minded the estimator being a little late. The job site is not on a main thoroughfare.
What I do mind greatly is that this is the second appointment this company has failed to keep in 10 days. The very apologetic phone call on Friday assured me that an estimator would keep this appointment. He never showed up.

When I finally got the estimator on the phone he was upset that I hadn’t called him to give him directions when he was lost. He had the address and could have talked to the other estimator from his company who got lost and never showed up for the first appointment.

There are some industries that have unflattering reputations. I know there are great examples of exceptions but the following need to really work harder to change the industry standard:

Cable installation/repairs
Used car salesmen
Auto mechanics
DMV employees
Politicians in general

If you are part of a larger demographic, and we all are, take a good look at that group’s reputation and consider if you are making it better or worse.
Break the mold, step out of line…show up early!




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