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Content vs. Creativity

David Risley wrote this on one of his blogs recently about starting a blog.

“At this point, your blog is set up and you’re ready to move on to the next stages. You’re probably going to want to spend some time working on your design and exploring all the plug-ins which you can attach to WordPress to expand the capability.

But, a word of advice…

You want to QUICKLY move right into creating content for your new site. I see a lot of “newbies” get so focused on perfecting the site itself that they spend no time on the content. And the content is a LOT more important than the design! It isn’t as if you’re going to all of a sudden cut a ribbon on your new blog and the world will flock to it! This is a process… and it begins with you creating quality content to help people. Help them learn to do something, help them learn more about your business, stay up-to-date… whatever it is.

Content is KING. So, now that you have your blog set up, it is a blank slate for what matters most – the CONTENT. Time to get busy. This is where the real work begins.”


I couldn’t agree more. I had a great friend set up my blog and do some of the technical stuff that I didn’t understand. Shortly after launching the new site I went silent. For weeks on end I would log on, sign into my admin page and sit here looking at the very nice little box waiting for my words. There were no words. I had nothing to say that I wanted to put out into the vastness of the internet. Tried and true cliches came to mind. “Write what you know”. I know nothing. “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”. Ok. I guess I can do that.

But here I am writing and it because I have something to say but it’s not necessarily nice. I just asked for a refund from an online course. This is not the first time I have done this. I have signed up for online courses and correspondence courses before based on some really promising marketing or compelling initial contact only to find the content, once paid for, was hollow. There was no substance. Most of it came with nice pictures and very pretty graphic design but when you clear away the wrapping the box was empty. Maybe when I was younger I would have enjoyed the challenge of making something out of an empty box but not anymore. I can get free boxes delivered to my front door by the USPS via Ebay with just a few clicks. They have lost there appeal.

Fill up the box…



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  1. Lana, what a great reminder. I find that I have too much content at times, but I just make notes and come back to them later. Keep at it, you’re a good writer so don’t quit!

    1. I would rather see too much good content than not enough. Write until you get it all out. A wise woman told me “Everyone has a story but not everyone has a message.”

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