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Digital Detox

I wish I could tell you where the idea of Digital Detox started. I picked it up somewhere on line and have adopted it as my own.

The idea is pretty simple. Turn off electronic media for a self determined amount of time. If you are suffering from serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) this can be a very difficult thing to do.

images (3)My first digital detoxes were not deliberate at all. Our family has an old log cabin in the mountains and there is no wifi or cell signal up there. I love going up on Friday evening in time to grill dinner, start a nice fire and be sitting with a glass of wine as the darkness and silence falls around us. It makes it easy to turn off my cell phone. Even taking my ipad or laptop to read or write didn’t feel right. Pulling out my thick leather bound journal and my hand crafted fountain pen at the big picnic table did feel right. The heft of a book in my hand and the motion of turning pages felt right. There is a special magic at the cabin that makes time slow down.

But going to the cabin every weekend isn’t possible. So I decided to try to get the same effect by turning off the electronics at home. The first couple of tries were not successful. My home office computer is usually on 24/7 with the sleep mode set to kick in if I am away from the keyboard for more than an hour. I use the television as a timer. It runs in the background all day and I know what time it is just by listening. Turning everything off is easy. Leaving it off is hard.

This week I have been part of a daily blogging challenge a friend of mine put out to her blogging community. Everyday for a week. Consistency and deliberate effort on our sites being the common goal. Reading the other bloggers has been inspiring and encouraging. Sharing the struggle of writing daily and meeting the midnight deadline brings us together. I am lucky. Because of the way my site is set up I can schedule my blogs to post while I am offline.

So this will show up, Friday July 26th while my computer is off and my phone is off and I am off line.

How do you take a break? Do you take a break? What are you deliberate about?

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