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Two months ago on a long drive home from Long Beach I got an assignment from God for a women’s conference on spiritual discipline. He was pretty specific about the seven subjects and the six other speakers He wanted me to contact. He was pretty clear on the location as well. Then He started showing off. (More of that story to follow.) The call on my heart was to Go Deeper Still into the heart of God and into the journey He’s set before me. I am excited because I trust Him to lead me where my heart needs to go. The area of spiritual discipline He is deepening in my life is prayer.

At first my focus was on the verse in Philippians 4 that says “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.” Sounded pretty good. Let’s run with that, God. But, like He so often does, He wanted me to take more of a running start at that verse. So I have pulled out the photos Matt and I took in Philippi when we were there a few years ago and started back at chapter 1 verse 1. (A wise friend once told me God put things in order on purpose and numbered them for people like me.)

So over the next few months pray for me when the Spirit moves knowing that my heart is on a journey to Go Deeper Still and somewhere along the way there will be a Go Deeper Still Women’s Conference at Mt. Herman, Ca.

“In all things…” this could get deep pretty fast. 🙂

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