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He Wasn’t Irish!

But it’s not his nationality that makes Patrick’s life worth celebrating.

It was his response to the Irish. He loved them.

It made no sense for him to love them given the early years of his life but he did.

It made no sense for him to want to go back once he escaped the servitude he was sold into but he did.

What makes a man return to those who enslaved him?

What makes a country take up a foreigner as their patron saint?

What made this simple man a saint anyway?

And what makes him any different from us?


So today, with Patrick in mind, how do you respond to those who mistreat you?

How do you lay down your life for others?

What will be celebrated about your life when it’s over?

Will we lift a pint in your memory?

Will the meal of the day be in your honor?

What legacy will you leave behind?

Go bhfanad in Éirinn go brách


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