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I was wrong

There I said it. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Yesterday via a rabbit trail on G+ I stumbled upon a TED talk that gave me a very interesting perspective and a new freedom. It was about being wrong. I have given this some thought over the past 24 or so hours and have come to these conclusions.


I thought an afro perm was a good idea….I was wrong.

I thought my acne would clear up before my hair turned grey…I was wrong.

I thought if I held on to fashions long enough they would come back in style and I would be current twice…I was wrong.

I thought if cars came with turn signals people would know what to do with them…I was wrong.

I thought every question would have an answer…I was wrong.

I thought I knew…oh, boy, was I wrong.

I had a pastor once who “reserved the right to be wrong”. I am considering putting a sign up in my office to that effect.

I think someone will read this and heave a sigh of relief. I may be wrong…


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