Lana Vaughan

Response Ability

Living in Oz


Today I was thinking about the Wizard of Oz. Mainly I was considering what each main character desired and how those desires were already met within themselves. Each one was looking to someone else to give them something they didn’t think they had but desperately wanted. They were willing to face their fears, vanquish their foe and go long distances to satisfy someone else’s plans in search of their hearts desires.

Dorothy’s journey led her full circle to realize the place she was running from was actually where she wanted to be the most.

The scarecrow was already smart but without a diploma he didn’t believe it. How many people have been widely successful without a college degree and how many college grads are deeply in debt flipping burgers, making coffee or running a photocopy machine?

The Lion was brave but without the acknowledgement of someone else didn’t trust his strength was real. If we wait for someone else to give us a medal or to recognize our courage how many battles will we loose? How many rotten apples will be thrown at us before we learn how to roar?

The heart of Tin Man rested in the praise of others. The Wizard gave him a testimonial. Other people’s words opened him up to risk having his heart broken but he felt it was worth it. Do you wait for other people’s words of acclaim and praise before risking being generous or loving again? Do you feel it is worth the risk?

It seems like everyone was looking for something from someone outside themselves to see they already had it all along. “Oz never did give nothing to the Tinman….”


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