Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Protected: No More Stories

It doesn’t matter who tells it. The person hearing it will only hear what they want to hear. Just like the person telling it only told what they wanted to say. And both are convinced they are right.

Two people or two million people can read a book and each will read or remember what they choose regardless of what the author thought they were saying.

Things we thought we could count on as truth are all subjective. Even math is unreliable. 2+3=5 or is it V or is it x. Because V+V also equals X.

Lately I’ve been listening a lot. I hear multiple version of the same time and place but the stories are vastly different. Looking back over my own life, when I hear other’s tell stories of the same time and place, I am dismayed and often mortified to consider the version being presented.

So I have decided to stop telling my stories. Either in person or in print. I will continue to write them but I feel no compunction to subject them to readers or to subject listeners to my ramblings.

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