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download (5)I have been getting to know a ministry through their Facebook page. It was recommended to me by a trusted friend. I “liked” the ministry page and was encouraged by the little graphics with words of encouragement that started to appear in my news feed. I read the longer posts by the ministry’s pastor and they gave me much to consider.

Tonight I unfollowed and lost respect for the leader I was just getting to know.

For some reason he felt it necessary to post on his page something negative someone had said about him on their page. He included the original poster’s name. He publicly shamed someone for having a less than stellar opinion of him. The pastor’s faithful quickly filled his page with accolades and praise. I don’t know him like some of them seem to. I saw it as harsh and petty.

A few hours later, the same pastor posted a 4 point message based on the original posting and the range of responses to his post. I guess some of the hundreds of responses were not praise and sympathy for his plight. This second post did nothing to elevate my respect for him. I “unliked” his ministry page.

In all fairness, I have never been to his church or read one of his books. All I had to go on were the facebook posts I had read up to that point. I even wondered if he had his account hacked and someone else was posting on his page.

He has since deleted both posts and with them the hundreds of responses. If I hadn’t already seen it I wouldn’t have known anything about it. But I did see it. And it leaves me wondering if those posts were a true reflection of his heart or if the ones still public are. Which posts are out of character?


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