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Saturday Summary

This has been a long week. My husband was out of town on business. My daughter was home on Spring Break. For me it was a regular “stay-at-home-mom” work week. Monday was spent waiting for a package to be delivered. Since it was an expensive new toy for me we waited. One of us patiently. The other not so much. By the time it was delivered it was much too late to go to the pool. Tuesday bright and early we did head for the pool. Never mind that it was a sunny 51 degrees outside with winds up to 30 mph. A quick 15 minutes in the water and I was able to persuade my daughter that a day at the library might be a better plan. We spent Tuesday night wondering if the wind storm was going to knock out the electricity. It did for 20k people further north but we were fine. Wednesday was a blur of errands. It was nice having her along to talk to and listen to. At 10 years old she has her own perspective on life that I don’t consider nearly enough. (Note to self…listen to her more) Thursday I tried to make a dent in the re-org of my home office. Friday was a trip to SFO to pick up my very favorite person in the whole wide world followed by a nice long nap after lunch.

So that catches up up with the thrill a minute Life of Lana this week. I know….need more interesting material for next week…:)

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  1. Nah…I think your material is just fine. It’s life stuff, you know? It’s not all that different from everyone else’s life stuff in many ways…it’s how you see it that makes it LANA’S life!

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