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Stand in the rain

Outside the window of my home office is an apple tree. Some of you, dear readers, have heard my heart before about this constant companion to my writing. The apple tree came with the house we bought 9 years ago. In the seasons that have come and gone it has produced exactly 5 apples. I know this because each year I sit here and wait for the blossoms to appear. I then wait for the smallest hint of fruit. A squirrel I have named George also seems to be keeping this vigil.

Next to the apple tree, just out of view is a large cherry tree. While the blossoms are plentiful, I have yet to harvest a single cherry. On the other side of the apple tree is a short stocky orange tree. Even now it has large juicy fruit and the beginnings of some of the most aromatic of all fruit blossoms. Possibly the smallest of the orange trees that dot our neighborhood it supplies us very nicely with a good crop of oranges each year. Our highly fruitful and messiest producer is the apricot tree just past the little orange tree. With branches reaching a full 30 feet in the air it is impossible to gather and process all of the offerings it presents us each year.

Our newest addition is my olive tree. It is in the backyard and the view of it fills the dining room window. A birthday gift from my husband 3 years ago it has increased in size and crop each year. This year is looking to be huge. I have cured the first two crops. The first being a full 2 dozen olives and the second passing the 100 mark. I am looking forward to this years bumper crop.

All five trees are standing in the rain today. Each is getting a good soaking, a gentle shaking from the wind blowing through the branches, and when the rain passes the warm northern California sun will bless them one and all. Without the rain there will be no flowers. Without the flowers there will be no fruit. Even if the only thing they have to offer is the beauty of the flower each one offers what it has. Each one stands in the storm. Each one reaching down into the earth. Each one responds as it is able.

Many of my friends have and are facing storms and standing in the rain. But without fail I have seen fruit. I have seen beauty. I have seen them reach deep down for their strength and lift their hearts and eyes upward. Time to stand in the rain. Healing Rain


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Bring the rain Lord…

Just awesome. Thanks for sharing!



My heart is bleeding from fear, anger, hurt, etc. All of which I know I am being healed from. This article is perhaps the most pertinent to me as of late.

I am the tree standing in the rain, still rooted into the earth but waiting to just remain on the surface and have shallow roots into the ground but deep roots into heaven.

Beautiful Lana!
Open the floodgates of Heaven, Lord!

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