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What Can I Get Started For You Today?

Don’t you just love it when someone offers to fix you a cup of coffee? I’m not sure if she’s been instructed to greet customers by asking what she can get started for them or if that is just her way but it is so inviting without being pushy. It says “I see you and am ready to do my part to help you get exactly what you want this morning.” And then she waits for the creativity that each person desires in a cup or maybe from the pastry case. There is no telling what a person may be in the mood for even if they are regular customers with a predictable routine. They just might change it up on her and go totally rouge.  When she listens it’s for the details, caff, de-caf, non fat, soy, mocha, cappuccino, latte….the possible combinations are as varied and endless as the parade of people coming in and out of the door from “can’t see” in the morning to “shouldn’t be drinking caffeine” late at night.

Then there’s the hand off. She’s marked the code on the side of a cup and the next person in the process is responsible for taking action based on the what they have received. This is where the whole process hangs in the balance. Missing a notation or thinking they know what it is without really seeing it can result in not only wasted product and delay but the possibility of loosing the trust of the customer. After all, how hard is it to get a cup of coffee right?
You’d be surprised.
Everyday we are faced with hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to customize our little piece of the world. From what you choose to wear or not wear in the morning to what time you crawl into bed at night it’s just one decision after another. The person attempting to fill your cup to your specifications has decisions to make as well. Decisions that affect you. Deciding to show up for work…deciding to pay attention to your request…deciding to take a break instead of filling your order…deciding to thank you for coming in and wishing you a good day as they hand off your creative moment. Each of those decisions impacting in some way your day. After all, you made the decision to stop for that personally crafted cup of whatever. You could have just made it yourself at home and not allowed those people the opportunity to have impact on your day. But you did.
Everyday, in some way, you put yourself at the mercy of the decisions of others and, here’s the scary part, they put themselves at the mercy of the decisions you make.  When she asks what she can start for you there is the very real expectation that in a just a few minutes the well thought out process of ordering a cup of coffee with actually produce just the desired result, that all the components will fall into place and without giving it much, if any thought, on your part you will walk out with just such a delightful customized product made just the way you want it. And when you walk out the world is waiting. They are waiting for you. Waiting for your next creative direction. Waiting for you to take the hand off and produce just what was ordered. Waiting for you to decided to show up and fulfill your role.
Everyday you are handed an empty cup. What you decided to fill it with is entirely up to you. But there are those who are waiting to take your order, to get something started for you, to encourage you along your way.
What can I get started for you today?

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