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What would you do with 6 hours?

Today is one of two days this month I get 6 hours to myself. This year I am homeschooling our 8th grader. She attends class just two days a month on the first and second Monday for 6 hours. The rest of the month she works on the curriculum independently. Throw in a rotating band rehearsal schedule and private music lessons, orthodontist and chiropractor appointments and you can see keeping up with her schedule chops mine up a bit.

But Monday School…that is the day I drop her off at 9 and pick her up at 3. The temptation to use that time to blast through house cleaning and errands is pretty easy to resist. Other focus intense activities far out rank rotating dishes and laundry. Those can be worked into the shorter blocks of time. Today I have two big projects. One I can complete and mark as done for the year. The other is creative and only a looming deadline will push me across the finished line on it.

If you had 6 hours to yourself how would you use the time? What would you like to accomplish or create? Would you consider resting and silence a good use of your time? Would you fill it with friends and play? What would you do today?

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