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Where do you stand?

337_loving_for_keeps_cartoon-center-of-my-universeThe line of cars was 8 vehicles long. The one in the front had a turn signal on, patiently waiting for a parking space. The space was vacant. But next to the space was a car with the driver’s door open. Standing in the doorway, talking to someone on the sidewalk adjacent to the parking spaces was a woman either totally unaware of her surroundings or totally uncaring about the impact she was causing.

No longer willing to wait for the conversation to end, the driver to close her door and allow the lead car to park, a car from the middle of the line decided to drive around the line by using the lane for traffic going the other direction. The car behind that one decided to follow. This would be when the ambulance, in non-emergency mode, drove up using the lane the two passing vehicles were now in.

The woman who had started the whole thing turned around, seeing the ambulance now directly behind her car, she yelled to her friend on the sidewalk “How am I supposed to get out of here with all these **** driver’s blocking the parking lot?”

Maybe you’re not blocking traffic. Maybe you’re not trying to go around someone to get where you want to go. Maybe you’re in the right lane going the right direction. Maybe you’re standing on a sidewalk listening to your friend and watching chaos build behind her. But maybe, you’re standing by your own car, telling a friend something you’ve been trying to say for days or months or years. Maybe you finally found the words to admit out loud you need help. Maybe you are just so excited you can’t stop talking.

Where ever you are, what ever you are doing or not doing, you are impacting other people. Your presence or your absence make a difference. Where you stand, where you sit, when you walk, when you stand still…you impact the lives of others.

Are you aware of how the stands you take effect the world around you? Do you stand in respect when someone enters a room? Do you stand to the side allowing people to exit an elevator or door before you enter? Do you stand when the National Anthem is played even if you are alone in your home watching a baseball game on tv? Do you stand on principle or stand for your rights? Do you stand for justice? Do you stand firm? Do you stand tall? Do you stand in the way of others, clueless or thoughtless? Do people know where you stand because of the articles or memes you post on your Facebook page?

A wise man said, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

So today, where do you stand?


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