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7ed6171e5397b96b9d85b36d4e6054a7Many blogs start out strong and then fade away.

They are set up for a variety of reasons. Some are to promote products or services. Others to offer information or advice. But the majority are like mine. A writer trying to find their voice, build a platform and using words make the world a better place.

Therein lies the main reason for the fade to silence.

So many voices speaking into the unlimited vastness of the internet.

So many viaing for a chance to be heard.

So many words.

Many bloggers hit a wall of sorts. When a kind of futility of purpose dries up the words and the posts become struggles.

Some bloggers find a niche and run with it. A lot of those are people telling/selling others how to build a “whatever” they built.

But what if all you’ve built is a nice quiet life? Not a lot of noise. Not a lot of glamour or fame.

Just a very nice little life.

This may not draw a big following. That’s ok.

This may not pay off the mortgage on our 4 bedroom suburban home.

But what I have to say is worth reading.

What I have to say is worth saying.

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